About Integrated waste solutions Group


Founded in 2017, Integrated Waste Solutions Group (IWSG) began with the goal of advancing the methodology for development and operations of waste collection and disposal services and our approach is already gaining praise.

By using a “hub and spoke” business model with a disposal site as the hub, we can add transfer stations, recycling capabilities, and collections operations as the spokes, establishing vertical integration. This centralizes activities and reduces costs for the communities we serve.

Our first venture started in April 2000 with the acquisition of Central Texas Refuse, a respected waste collection company, in Austin, Texas. Shortly thereafter we acquired the permit and began developing Central Texas region’s first municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill in approximately 30 years, named 130 Environmental Park (130EP). In April 2021, we successfully opened 130EP and received our first ton of solid waste creating our vision of the vertically integrated geographical hub concept. The seamless operation of this hub and spoke business model and development of a solid core of assets attracted significant interest into IWSG’s Central Texas market. In December 2023, IWSG announced the divestiture of its Central Texas collection and disposal operations to Republic Services consisting of Central Texas Refuse and the state-of-the-art 130EP Landfill.

This project was just our first foray into our long-term vision to take advantage of national and regional solid waste and collection services opportunities as they arise.


Our decades of experience are much more than just words on paper. We’ve lived every aspect of the waste management industry and have translated that to best practices. We embrace new technologies and work to confirm that our decisions are environmentally sound.

We take a vested interest in knowing our truck drivers, our scale house operators, and our heavy equipment crews. Our administrative teams have been carefully assembled and trained. Every member of IWSG is involved in learning not just how, but why we behave the way we do. It’s a matter of respect — for our people and our communities.

Driven by our commitments

As citizens of the communities where we live and work, we have a big picture view of our role. When we speak to a city council meeting or respond to the needs of a neighborhood, we know our word is our bond. These commitments are what drive us and are a source of our pride. It requires a corporate mindset that leaves every employee feeling supported. It’s what drives us all.


As our nation grapples with environmental demands, we are already looking ahead to initiatives that will be crucial to our future. Our leadership roles in national waste and recycling associations have us positioned to become key players. Our experience in engineering, military, regulatory, planning and zoning, and financial realms, make us uniquely qualified to lead the charge in our industry. We’re here for the greener good.™

Managing Waste Solutions EveryDay

Commercial Pickup

By offering a wide variety of services and equipment customized for businesses of all types, we have become a top provider in the commercial waste collection category.

Residential Pickup

Residential collection services are at the core of our business. From the end-user to the municipalities that direct us, we pride ourselves on addressing the needs of the families and the communities we serve.

Post Collection

Environmental Parks incorporating landfills are an important part of our vertically integrated business model. Our first such facility is now open. Read more here.


Recycling collection is another key aspect of our integrated services and through an agreement with our recycling partner, Balcones, we have access to multiple recycling facilities throughout the region.